Official website for Fractalis®

Luxury Italian finishes. Invented for international architects and interior designers to create your perfect projects.

Specified and installed worldwide since 1991.

Space is fluid. Fractalis is liquid.

First and foremost Fractalis provides your designs with added dimension. It is a liquid tool which helps you add layers of texture, color and pattern to walls. The joy of Fractalis is flexibility. It is exceptional in range and style. From the authentic appeal of the Classic Collection which is deeply rooted in Italian artistic traditions, to the sleek and contemporary Metallic Collection and the edgy technology of the Innovation Collection. Fractalis creates the architectural canvas for the expression of beauty in your project.

Environmentally Conscious

All the Fractalis products are water based, minimal VOC and environmentally friendly. They comply with stringent paint industry safety standards. Do get in touch for more information and for TDS and MSDS documents.