Fractalis Italian luxury wall finishes have been created especially for international architects and interior designers.

Fractalis is the ultimate liquid tool for transforming architectural spaces.

Each Fractalis tactile paint finish allows you to bring your unique perspective and style to life by combining your choice of sophisticated texture and color. We help you create exceptional interior space that goes beyond flat color by adding layers of color, finishes and textures. It allows you to achieve new dimensions of luxury with a physical presence that evokes a psychological response and enhances the desired moods.

Here are some examples of how leading international architects and interior designers use Fractalis to make their mark.


My choice is Etno

I’m always looking for new products and different ideas for projects. With Etno we can do many things. The texture is slightly different. It draws people in. It makes you want to get closer, to look at it and to touch it. Etno gave our workspace a subtle design flare and with lighting you get a gleam and shine to it.

Jon Grant Director, Chapman Taylor Bangkok

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My choice is Lingotto Gold

It is a unique finish and there are many reasons to choose it. Firstly it gives architectural environments an elegant yet sexy atmosphere. It engages you in physical contact, inviting you to touch the surface, adding another dimension to the visual beauty. Finally, Fractalis Lingotto Gold is my choice because it is pure luxury.

Aldo Cingolani, CEO, Bertone Design

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Castiglione 156 Italy - LingottoGold

My choice is Sideralia

Epitomizing life, Sideralia is at once regal and poised. We love its evocative embrace of sustainability with the delivery of an historic sense of architectural elegance. This modern silken brocade decadence is especially appealing because it is simply painted with a brush and hand rubbed for shimmering richness.

Shashi Caan, Founding Principal, SC COLLECTIVE

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